Pay Yourself First


First thing’s first, you must find a way to pay yourself before anyone else.   What I mean by this is, you need to stash some money right off the top when you get paid.   It doesn’t matter how much you keep for yourself (be realistic with your budget….you do have a budget, right?), but you must find a way to put a little cash away every pay check.  If you do this first, then you can plan accordingly to pay all the rest of your bills and follow the budget that you’ve created.

In the past, I always paid all my bills right after pay day.  For me it was even more difficult because I only got paid once a month!  After I got paid, I went ahead and paid all of my bills right away.  Unfortunately, that normally left nothing for me at the end of the month.  Once I realized that I needed to pay myself first, I always found a way to keep that money stashed.  I told myself that I wouldn’t touch it once it’s in my savings account.  It’s amazing how you can always find a way to pay yourself before everyone else and still get by! Everything else seems to always work itself out by the time the next paycheck comes.

Over time, you start to realize that you have accumulated a significant amount of income from that contribution.  It’s amazing how it can grow.  Remember, when the budget is tight, it’s really about baby steps to get ahead.  You have to be patient….and frugal!   Keep to your budget, stay disciplined and focused on saving, and you will be shocked how it can add up.   Start today and work to secure your financial future!

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