The Ultimate Predicament: No Debt


Shouldn’t we all have a goal to be debt free?  It obviously makes the most sense; live better and more comfortably with less liability.  This has been my goal for as long as I can remember.

 Unfortunately, circumstances like a divorce, along with some bad financial decisions (at least I admit it, right?) along the way, left me in a tough situation like like a lot of others I know.

One step at a time, with limited resources, I’ve dug my way out of the hole.  Most recently I paid off my car.  Wow, what a relief!  To finally have no car payment, it’s a wonderful feeling! Of course, my car now has a lot of miles on it and I need to keep it on the road as long as possible so it can start paying me back now.

Now that I don’t have a monthly car payment, I do have to be aware and conscience of the fact that maintenance is a high priority.  This is especially true when you only have one car to get you around.   I really can’t complain though, my car has been so good to me…Toyota, you just can’t go wrong!

Outside of paying my car off, I finally paid off my kids’ braces.  I have twins that are fifteen years-old and unfortunately they both needed braces, not only for cosmetic reasons, but one had a bad crossbite and the other had a bad overbite.  It’s amazing how expensive braces are!  All I know is that it’s a big relief to have this off my plate too.

I can honestly say that I am debt free now.  Of course, I don’t have a mortgage like most do, so that’s a big weight off my shoulders.  Still, I have no credit card debt, no more car payments, no loans to repay….yep, I am finally starting to stand in the light at the end of the tunnel.  The best part of it all is there will be a lot more cash freed up to continue to invest with!  

Next up….well, I will likely purchase a home again, although I really don’t like the idea of having a mortgage.  I’ve read so many excellent financial bloggers that continue to steer clear of a home mortgage.  I can definitely see some positive  things about renting, but there are also some drawbacks that get under my skin too.  Most of all having to deal with a landlord and not being about to control the situation in the place I’m living, or just doing whatever I want to fix the place up.  It does get a little frustrating at times.  But, having a mortgage right now scares me to death, especially with the current home prices out there.  It’s ridiculous how overvalued homes are right now.  I’m not sure how the housing market will look next year, but that will likely be the time I make a decision on whether or not to buy.

One step at a time….right now, I want to bask in the radiance of a debt free lifestyle.   Feels good!

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