Retirement: Will You Have Enough Money To Live On?

  Planning for retirement is most often overlooked.  For some people it’s a complete afterthought.  Oddly enough, most people simply think they can rely on Social Security (SS) to get them by in their retirement.  To me this a very scary proposition.  Why in the world would anyone think that SS is going to allow them to live the type of lifestyle they are accustomed to when they actually do stop working?  It doesn’t make much sense to me, so I hope it at least raises the same question for you. So when you do retire, how exactly are you going … Continue reading

10 Steps To Get Ahead And Create Long-Term Wealth, Part 1

In my blogs I’ve discussed a lot of ideas on ways to get ahead.  For most of us working-class folk, we need to look for easy, creative ways to squeeze out extra money from our paychecks and find a way to build some wealth.  When you’re strapped for cash, it’s incredibly hard to find a way to get ahead of the game and get out of that financial rut that everyone seems to find themselves caught up in.  This website is dedicated to help people find ways to get ahead and break out of the “blue-collar” mindset that seems to … Continue reading

10 Steps To Get Ahead And Create Long-Term Wealth, Part 2

Continuing on from my previous post, “10 Steps To Get Ahead And Create Long-Term Wealth, Part 1”  here are the next five steps that I’ve personally used to help me get ahead and create an environment for long-term financial success.  I want you to understand that you can also get ahead and start building wealth.  Keep the process simple… your finances can be as complicated as you want it to be.  For me, I like everything in my life to be simple, so I use very simple methods. As I keep things simple, I continue to educate myself, as you … Continue reading

Wants Versus Needs

We all WANT different things, big homes, fancy cars, whatever it may be….but do we really NEED this stuff?  When it comes to sticking to your budget, it’s so important to really think about this question.   It’s really worth repeating over and over…do I really NEED this? If you are going to be successful long-term you need to really think about every purchase and decide if it’s something that you absolutely need.  I remind myself of this all the time.  Do I really need a new big screen TV?  Well, the truth is in this case, I definitely don’t need a new TV.  It’s … Continue reading

How Do You Measure Financial Success?

  Financial success could mean just about anything, if you ask any given person.  So ask yourself the question, what does financial success mean to you?   Is it reaching a certain level or amount of money?  Becoming debt free?  Having a few extra bucks in your pocket at the end of the month? All of these examples could be good measures or goals of financial success.   For a lot of working-class people, just having extra money left over after bills and your financial obligations are paid every month, is truly success.   At this level, money left over is your way to start saving and investing in your … Continue reading

Financial Stress

When it comes to stress, is there anything worse than financial stress?   The pressure of paying bills, putting food on the table, or even just hoping that you have enough money left to put gas in the tank of your car to get to work that week… wow, it can just be overwhelming at times.  I’ve been there myself and it’s a terrible feeling.  I remember looking at my checking account and stressing over the fact that I only had $30.00 left to last until payday.  It really changes your prospective on things. For me, I knew I had … Continue reading

Pay Yourself First

First thing’s first, you must find a way to pay yourself before anyone else.   What I mean by this is, you need to stash some money right off the top when you get paid.   It doesn’t matter how much you keep for yourself (be realistic with your budget….you do have a budget, right?), but you must find a way to put a little cash away every pay check.  If you do this first, then you can plan accordingly to pay all the rest of your bills and follow the budget that you’ve created. In the past, I always paid all my bills … Continue reading

Budget?…Who Needs A Budget?

Do you have a budget established?  If not, you absolutely need to get one started right now!   It’s imperative that you know where every cent of your income is going.  Without this information, you cannot clearly understand what you need to do with your finances or where you are going wrong every month.  I highly recommend using  It’s really easy to set up and better yet, it’s free! With you link all of your bank accounts (secured, read-only) to the program, so it can track money-in/money-out transactions.  You can also link any credit card accounts or loans, so you can track everything in one … Continue reading

Is Time On Your Side?

Depending on your age and current financial situation, time is critical for your future financial success.  Obviously the younger you are the better the situation because you have more time on your side to start the process of investing in your future.  You also have more time to cover the ups and downs of life in-general, including life changing events and the current climate of the financial world.  Although you have a significant advantage starting out at a younger age, just getting the process started at any age is better than not doing anything at all. For me personally, I … Continue reading

How Can I Get Ahead?

Working paycheck to paycheck?    Barely getting by?  I know this feeling myself and swore I would find a better way.   Little by little, reducing debt and putting money in savings was a sure way to get ahead of the game.   Can YOU ever get ahead?  I’m here to tell you that you can.  It takes time and dedication but if you stay on course, you can put the debt behind you for good and actually have some money in the bank for that desperately needed cushion to help you stay ahead.   This website is dedicated for … Continue reading