Is Good Beer Worth The Money?

BeerI have to admit, I love beer, especially a good craft brew.  So, when it comes to buying beer, is it really worth it to spend the extra money on a micro-brew?  The answer is, absolutely!

Of course, this is just my opinion on the matter…but seriously, if you really love beer like I do, why waste your hard earned money on a lame ol,’ average beer?  Unless you plan on just getting blasted drunk (which I don’t do, or don’t recommend doing) why not enjoy a rich, full-bodied, craft brew.  Most good beers are really worth the few extra bucks it costs, in comparison to regular mass-produced beers.

Everyone that knows me and/or reads blogs on my website, knows that I am pretty critical about my spending.  I’m constantly evaluating wants-versus-needs and my financial priorities regularly.   Still, all of us need to have (and enjoy) those little things in life that help us sit back and relax or even keep our sanity at times.  For me, a great craft brew is a treat to myself for my dedication, hard work and effort I put in every day to support my family and my goals in life.  It also let’s me just appreciate the fine art of making beer.  Can any of you relate?

So, forget about Bud, Miller, Coors or any of those other lame domestic beers and start shopping for an amazing craft brew that will excite your taste buds a little.  Where I live in Colorado, we have so many great brew pubs around the state, I can literally go to just about any neighborhood and stop in for a great craft brew right off the tap. If you are not as privileged as I am with the proximity of brew pubs, stop by your local liquor store and glance at the rows of fine micro-brewed beers from around the country….you are bound to find a favorite to add to your list.

I’m also a fitness enthusiast, so obviously beer is not a regular item in my diet.  As much as I love and enjoy it, it does slow me down a bit and it’s not great when you’re trying to maintain your waist line.  Either way, a good craft beer is my way of  spoiling myself a little every now and then.  Maybe you need to be spoiled a little too!

Enjoy and drink responsibly.  Cheers!