No Pets = Lots of Extra Cash

dogs and moneyFor all you animal lovers I don’t want to sound harsh, because in all reality I really do enjoy pets myself.  Outside of the companionship they bring, the truth is, most are expensive to own and maintain.  I didn’t really see this until after I’ve lived without a pet for several years now.

Most of my life I’ve owned a dog.   Although I really love dogs, now that I haven’t had one (or any other pet) for about seven years now, I’ve seen some huge savings in the process.  Food, vaccinations, vet bills…it’s really crazy how much money we spend on our pets.  Most people I know really spoil their pets too, spending tons of money on them buying toys, treats or luxury items to treat them like another child in the family.

At my work I know a few people that own horses.  After I started learning about owning a horse, I couldn’t believe how expensive they actually are to own.  Feeding them alone costs a small fortune!  Boarding them, vet costs with vaccinations or special care….holy crap!  The money they spend on these animals is unbelievable.   It’s like a small mortgage to own and maintain these animals.

Even for dogs, every time any of my family members travel they normally board their dogs and pay hefty sums of money to have them taken care of.  You can easily rack up hundreds of dollars for boarding your dog just during a short vacation.   For me, I really enjoy the fact that I can go on vacation any time I want to and don’t need to find someone to take care of my pets or resort to paying to board them.

I imagine I’ve likely saved hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the past seven years, by not owning a pet. Nothing against pet owners, I just continue to look for ways to make/save extra cash.  The way I see it is, no pets equal lots of extra money for me to invest or pay down debt.  It’s a win-win situation!